Two Moons


This is a concept that I thought of for a story I have been working, YEARS, on… The only problem is that is has been done before. So many people find this a simple addition to a world that will make it ‘different’ from our own.

That is true, it is different. But why?

An additional moons (or moons) should not be in your story just because you want two moons. Okay, maybe that is a good reason to put them there, BUT there should be more then just that. What effect does having another mass in the sky play on your world, how does it affect your people, their cities, their very way of life.

It is the little bits of information that make you having two moons believable and enjoyable. I’ll gladly think up a city that is built on stilts because of the tide pushes farther inland every day. For trade purposes the city needs to remain close to the water, but they don’t feel like bailing water everyday either.