Beginning of it all


Every writers story begins with them telling their audience HOW they started writing. Oh, they were young! They have been writing for as long as they can remember! So much social time was given up in order to find a comfy corner and get down on paper what was swirling in their head.

My start was the same as the rest. Many hours, online groups, and never paying attention in classes. I think we all look back and see ourselves starting our writing adventure this way. We also look back and wish for the time that once was… We had so much more time to write back then.

BUT we all make due now. Playing scenes in our head as we go about the ‘adult’ part of our lives. Stewing it until the time when we can finally sit in front of a computer and just type the perfected piece of work… finally.

Expect that perfection will no doubt take you of course to discover bigger and better ideas. You just didn’t see them until you were suddenly right there with your characters as they came to life on the screen.

I too was young. I too barely remember a time when I was not writing. And I too sat in that movie theater with my notebook and a pen, closest to a dim light so that I could continue the story with my erasable pen.

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